New Boy Again

I was a new boy once again in a huge school in Eastbourne. The school was divided into about five houses, each with a large house close to the main school buildings. I was allocated to one house but for the first term or two I was in a new boy’s house. There were not so many boys there.

The bathroom was very large and had two or three large freestanding baths, we would take bath naked as you would normally, there was one other boy who showed interest in some fun together. We could choose what time we went for bath in the evening so we would always go together and have some fun. Sometimes we would be alone together in the dormitory which gave us the opportunity to play.

After a term or two we were allocated to our permanent houses. but unfortunately we went to different ones, we remained friends but rarely got the opportunity to be together. We both took up swimming so occasionally we would share a changing cubicle together.

As time went on, I began to realise that having sexual attraction for other boys was not really acceptable, and that most boys didn’t think it was right. It did not stop me being attracted to boys but the opportunities for any physical encounters became less and less.

My parents and I decided that I would not go on to take ‘A’ levels at Eastbourne, as I was not academically brilliant, I therefore went to college in Portsmouth for a term to re-take some of my ‘O’ levels. I was living at home and went to college on the train every day. I kept my self to my self pretty much at that time and did not really make any friends.

During this time, I found out that the college ran a Marine Engineering course, to do the course you had to find a shipping company that would sponsor you through the four-year course. With the help of the department head and my dad I managed to get sponsorship with Fyffes, whose office was in Southampton. As a kid I was always pulling things apart and putting them back together again, so being an engineer was the perfect choice of career, and this seemed to be a really good opportunity, so that’s what happened next.

Find out what happens when I become a Marine Engineer Cadet in the next post

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