The Next Dormitory

A term or two later I changed dormitory again and this time it was with boys of my own age and class, some of whom were in the first dormitory I mentioned. The fun continued as before but there was one boy in particular, his name was Paul, with which the fun and friendship went to a different level. Some early Sunday mornings all the other boys would go off to church and leave Paul and I alone in the dormitory, so that was an opportunity for us to have some fun.

The school was set in acres and acres of woodlands, so at the weekends when we had some free time, Paul and I would sneak off into the woods and find a comfortable place to have some fun together.

I stayed with him for half term one time, his mum put us in the same bedroom with separate beds but needless to say we spent most of the time in one bed. This relationship went on for two or three terms, but it sadly came to an end when we both went to different schools, I never saw Paul again.

So what will happen at my next school, wait for the next post to find out.

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